Congratulations Dr Jade on making it to the International list of Women in GovTech 2019!

Congrats Dr Jade for making it to the International list of Women in Govtech 2019, based on the DARE APP and contribution towards CPR education. The DARE team is so proud of you!

For more information as well as new e-learning resources about CPR and AED, download our free DARE- LEARN app now! #daretosaveaheart

Source: GovInsider

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The DARE Team would like to wish all our Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya!

And please continue to stay safe and healthy.

For more information about CPR and the use of AED, don’t forget to download our free DARE- LEARN CPR App now.


How To Perform CPR on Infants

Do you know how to perform infant CPR?

Previously, we shared with you two videos on how to respond to a cardiac arrest in adults and children. Today, our DARE Programme Director, Dr Jade Kua, will share with you some easy steps to remember when you witness an infant who suffers from a sudden cardiac arrest and collapse. We would like to highlight that for child and infant CPR, it’s best to attend a practical class as the steps may be tricky to master.

Please share this video with your family and friends so that they can follow us and learn how to save a life. For more information as well as an AED locator, download our free DARE- LEARN APP now.





Get An A* STAR For The Future Of Everyone!

The Future Of Everyone


I was thrilled to discover that the theme for One-North Festival 2019 (13-14 September), was The Future Of Everyone. Organised by A*STAR, the One-North Festival is an annual celebration of research, innovation, creativity and enterprise. This year, my DARE team had a coveted booth in this prestigious festival to teach CPR & AED skills. In addition, I was invited to speak about my experience in tech & healthcare. [Read on…]

DARE to save a life with new app

The DARE team made their presence felt on 26 May 2018 at the Toa Payoh Hub when they set up a roadshow to educate members of the public on what they can do in a cardiac arrest situation.

The carnival was graced by the Guest of Honour Mr Amrin Amin, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health. It saw the launch of the DARE app, an educational tool to equip users with knowledge on CPR+AED. The public also had the opportunity to try first hand on delivering chest compressions on a manikin.

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Anatomy of A Letter

Super excited to have my letter about CPR education published in the Straits Times Forum page yesterday and thought I would break it down and explain what that was all about.

What is a cardiac arrest?

It’s difficult to appreciate this statement if you don’t realise what a cardiac arrest is. A cardiac arrest happens when the heart suddenly stops altogether. This could be caused by a massive heart attack which happens when the coronary vessels of the heart are blocked by too much plaque from sickness like high cholesterol. But cardiac arrest can also happen when something goes wrong with the electrical circuit in the heart, even in previously fit, healthy youths. [Read on…]