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Reality Bites As Coronavirus Spreads

Confronting The Reality Of COVID-19 Reality Sinks In Workplace Woes They say that time will tell. It’s true, that not only are stories revealed with time, but various perspectives of the same emerge. For instance, we initially soaked up the novelty of working in modular teams over extended hours in make-shift tents, as if on […]

Hearts Of Gold In DORSCON Orange

Valentine’s Day 2020 Hearts Of Gold Hearts & kisses: Welcome to Week 2 of DORSCON Orange which kicks of with Valentine’s Day! This was a most unusual Valentine’s Day, happening in a period where DORSCON Orange Is The New Black. For a start, my gifts were from strangers in the community and my Valentines were my […]

DORSCON Orange Is The New Black

Welcome To DORSCON ORANGE Orange Is The New Disease Situation Here we are in Week One of the new national code DORSCON Orange in response to COVID-19. Essentially, the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition reflects the current coronavirus disease 2019 situation. In DORSCON Orange, disease is severe and spreads easily from person and person. The […]

Get An A* STAR For The Future Of Everyone!

The Future Of Everyone #OneNorthFestival2019 I was thrilled to discover that the theme for One-North Festival 2019 (13-14 September), was The Future Of Everyone. Organised by A*STAR, the One-North Festival is an annual celebration of research, innovation, creativity and enterprise. This year, my DARE team had a coveted booth in this prestigious festival to teach […]

Reply To Letter About Compulsory CPR Training

Compulsory CPR Training 16 August: Letter To The Straits Times Recently, the Straits Times published a letter in the Forum page asking for CPR to be made compulsory in schools. This letter by Ms Lam Yin Yin starts by acknowledging how useful a CPR course she took at the Red Cross was. She then shares […]

Resuscitation For Children With Cardiac Arrest

Educating The Community About Resuscitation Last Friday I leapt out of bed before daybreak, in anticipation of my presentation at the CEO-CMB Forum. I had 15 minutes to discuss resuscitation for children with cardiac arrest. Why is this ground-breaking? For the past five years, my team has been industriously promoting DARE, a community education programme. […]

Speaking At A Chinese Conference About Cardiac Arrest

Telephone-Assisted CPR One the coolest things to share with my Chinese audience is our successful dispatcher-assisted CPR story. Essentially, our cardiac arrest survival rates doubled when the emergency dispatchers stayed on the line to coach CPR while the ambulance was on its way. AEDs Everywhere At the same time, I was proud to recount to […]

Kindergarten Kids Dare To Save A Heart

DARE X My Little Campus Bishan Whomever thinks that kids are too young to learn CPR, hasn’t seen kindergarten kids dare to save a heart. On 30th October, my team and I visit My Little Campus on Bishan Street 23. On my way over, I’m delighted to find an AED at the nearby lift lobby. […]

Dare To Save A Life

At the Heart of the Matter About Cardiac Arrest Mahna Mahna I grew up watching The Muppet Show. One of my favourite skits is a song-and-dance with the refrain “Mahna Mahna”, that ends with an old muppet philosophising, “The question is, what is a Mahna Mahna?” His buddy cantankerously retorts, “The question is, who cares?” […]

Discussing Emergency Medical Services In Korea

Celebrating Emergency Medical Services in Chungju City World Firefighter Games (http://worldfirefightersgames.com) is a little like the Olympics, with 50 countries and 6000 participants competing in sports events. Held biennially, this year’s tournament was in Chungju City. One of the highlights is the emergency medical services conference. I was grateful to be invited to represent Singapore […]