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Our Virtual Class will be held in December 2022! Sign up now!

Register for a virtual CPR class by clicking on this link <https://tinyurl.com/b7wvajve>. – 3 December 2022, Saturday, 9.30am to 10.30am – 14 December 2022, Wednesday, 3pm to 4pm Step forward and make our community a safe and hopeful place! For group enquiry, please click this link <https://tinyurl.com/yxp7dmgh>. Don’t forget to check out our DARE website […]

Revisiting a webinar by Doctor On Call featuring Dr Jade Kua

Revisit how Dr Jade Kua, our programme DARE director, shared on how to save someone using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Don’t MISS the main webinar that we will be sharing. Peek into some highlights now. Click here to view the highlights. Credit Source: Medical Channel Asia #daretosaveaheart

Interview sharing of a cardiac arrest survivor with his rescuer

Take a peep into what our 46 years old survivor and his rescuer have to say about their real-life story. 🤓 and join us to celebrate World Restart A Heart Day this October! 🥳 Start learning these life-saving CPR and AED skills. You might be saving not only one person but a whole family! Visit our […]

Community First Responders In Action!

Always DARE to save someone in need! All you need is the WILL to step forward. No effort is too small. Read on how Mr Daniel Lim and Mr Rohit Tiwari spring into action and saved a life! Every action makes a difference. Click here to view on SCDF Facebook You can also download the […]

Orchestrating better outcomes for cardiac arrest emergencies

Find out how a young doctor set his sights on making a difference in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) care and begin his journey to develop Singapore’s pre-emergency care model. Click here to view the article! #daretosaveahart Source: https://www.singhealth.com.sg/news/tomorrows-medicine/orchestrating-better-outcomes-for-cardiac-arrest-emergencies

Join the Cardiac Arrest Survivors Club!

Surviving a sudden cardiac arrest can be a challenging experience for individuals and their loved ones.   Join the Cardiac Arrest Survivors Club, a peer-led support group based in Singapore for survivors, their families and caregivers to help and inspire one another in rebuilding lives after cardiac arrest.   Sign up at: tinyurl.com/cardiacsurvivors   For […]

In celebration of World Restart A Heart Day!

An exciting event is happening from 17 to 18 September 2022 at Our Tampines Hub. Don’t miss the chance to participate! Join us at the event: National Heart Week / World Heart Day in celebration of World Restart-A-Heart Day A collaboration with Singapore Heart Foundation Click here for more information on Facebook. #daretosaveaheart

Happy National Day!

Wishing everyone a Happy National Day! As we celebrate Singapore’s 57th birthday, please do remember to stay safe and #daretosaveaheart