DARE X Rain Trees International Kindergarten!

Earlier this week, we had the opportunity to teach the nursery & kindergarten kids at Rain Trees International Kindergarten Preschool how to save a heart with early CPR & defibrillation (using an AED). 

Thank you to Rain Trees International Kindergarten Preschool for having us and organising this session with the kids! 

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Our DARE Children Storybook is now available at the Central Public Library!

Starting today, our DARE children’s book, How We Save A Heart, which the DARE team uses to educate the preschoolers on how to do CPR, can now be found at the Children’s Section of the Central Public Library! Check them out today!

To learn more information about CPR and AED, download our free DARE- LEARN CPR app now! #daretosaveaheart

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Kindergarten Kids Dare To Save A Heart

DARE X My Little Campus Bishan

Whomever thinks that kids are too young to learn CPR, hasn’t seen kindergarten kids dare to save a heart. On 30th October, my team and I visit My Little Campus on Bishan Street 23. On my way over, I’m delighted to find an AED at the nearby lift lobby.

As my team sets up, I wonder how the session will go. Recently, I had taught a small group of young parents and kids How We Save A Heart Together in a mall and that had gone very well. However that was an intimate session with only accompanied kids. Today I am expecting 40 Kindergarten 1 & 2 kids without their parents. Hence we decide to start by reading from my book, How We Save A Heart, and take it from there. [Read on…]