Twin boys save drowning dad with CPR they learned from a movie scene

At just 10 years old and not even trained in CPR, twin brothers (Christian and Bridon), together with their friend (Sam), managed to save their father, Mr Brad Hassig from drowning. Mr Hassig lost consciousness when he was performing his routine breathing exercises in the backyard pool.
At the first sign of trouble, both Bridon and Sam dived into the water and pulled Mr Hassig to safety. While Christian ran to get help to call the ambulance, Bridon started CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation based on the steps that he had learnt from a movie scene.
With a new lease of life, Mr Hassig would be arranging community CPR training for adults and children to generate more awareness so that another life could potentially be saved.
Christian said: “It’s really important, because you never know if that could happen to you. It helps to know what to do.”
Source: The Washington Post and Today
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