Bystanders honoured for saving life in North Vancouver parking lot

When a shopper suffered a cardiac arrest, a teacher, a store supervisor and an off-duty firefighter sprang into action. All 3 of them had CPR training and worked as a team to save the life of the cardiac arrest victim. This happened in North Vancouver, Canada.

Kudos to Mr Liam Marcoux, Mr Devan Coward and Mr Ray Wong for helping to save a precious life.

Bystander CPR is a critical link in the chain of survival. Studies have shown that the chances of survival decrease by about 10% for every minute of delay in starting CPR. The delay will increase the likelihood of a victim dying or suffering permanent brain damage.

Hence, we need bystanders like you to be able to step forward during a cardiac arrest emergency. If you encounter a suspected cardiac arrest case but are not familiar with CPR, do not fret. You can call 995 and the 995 dispatcher will guide you over the phone to perform CPR until the ambulance arrives.

Source: North shore news

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You can also download the myResponder app and be a Community First Responder to help save lives.

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