Nurse helps perform CPR on passenger having medical emergency on plane

While Ms Katie Stencel was on a flight recently, the pilot requested for medical professionals on board to assist in a medical emergency.
Without hesitation, Ms Stencel, a nurse by profession, sprang into action. She joined a fire fighter and a flight attendant to resuscitate a passenger with CPR for an hour before the plane could land.
Ms Stencel shared her reasons for responding to the call for help. She said: “All I knew is that if we didn’t do something now, she had no chance. So we jumped in and did everything that we could.” Kudos to Ms Stencel, the off-duty fire fighter and flight attendant for stepping forward to perform CPR on the victim.
Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) is a time-sensitive condition. The chances of survival decrease by 10% with every minute without intervention. OHCA is one of the leading causes of deaths around the world. Hence, it’s important for as many people to be trained in CPR & AED.
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Source: 9 News