Wife performed CPR to save husband’s life!

When Lisa Wiles was preparing dinner in the kitchen, she heard her husband, Dan from the other room. She went over and found Dan had weird breathing sounds. Immediately, after checking that there was no response, she called the ambulance.

The medical dispatcher on the line could hear the sounds that her husband was making and instructed Lisa over the phone on how to perform CPR. Soon after, an officer from the Sheriff’s department arrived and used the AED on Dan. They continued performing CPR and used the AED until the medical help arrived.

Thanks to their efforts, Dan survived! Thank you Lisa Wiles and the officer from Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department for stepping up to DARE to save a heart!

Always remember, if you witness someone who had collapsed or suffered a cardiac arrest, always remember to call 995 and stay on the line with the medical dispatcher who will be there to guide you until the ambulance arrives.

And also, for more updates and virtual DARE schedules, do check out our DARE website for more information.

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Source: American Heart Association

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