The Beginning of the End of Our DARE APP – What lies ahead!

Currently, we are focused on putting on the educational assets up on our website with clear instructions on how to contact us or make course bookings. We will be decommissioning our DARE app on 30 September 2021. It might be a minor affair for many people who are in the technology industry since the lifespan of many apps is about 5 years anyway before a major revamp is needed.


We are indeed so grateful for all the friendships we had made through creating the app, for the community we had built with it, and for helming this project. To put things into perspective, the DARE Programme is still alive and well. It is just the platform to deliver education and provide a service to our community that is being decommissioned so we can do something better.

Let’s take the lessons from the past, acknowledge the unique climate of the present moment, and move into the future.