Connecting With The Community – When the DARE APP started?

In the previous post, we shared with you the importance of the DARE Programme. In this second part, we will shared with you on when the DARE APP started.

The DARE App was first developed in 2018 and we commissioned a team to develop the DARE application, that was free to download on Android and IOS. It was our dream come true: Dare To Save A Life. It served to teach the community the basics of the DARE programme, to guide them to the nearest AED on the map, and allowed them to book for classes at community centres. Often, we shared updates from international news and local blogs about the community of bystander life-savers. 

The DARE APP was well received that the team was invited to present our digital journey at international conferences such as the United Nations Economic and Social Commission of Asia Pacific headquarters. 

So things worked out well in the first month. We had tens of thousands of people who downloaded the app, trying out the quizzes, and signing up for mass training courses via the APP. However, we were wrong. 

We didn’t have the drive as many engaging updates as we would’ve liked. And with the COVID pandemic, rendered mass training difficult.

Stay tuned to the next post, where we will learn more about the 5 Alternatives to using our APP.